1.    Sports Tourism Marketing

Sport is considered a DESTINATION while sporting facilities are considered TOURIST ATTRACTIONS, Fans/Spectators travel specifically to attend sporting events.

The company focuses majorly on development of Sports activities and events as tourism attraction centers which may range from small to large,

There are 3 Different types of Sports Tourism:

1. Sport Event Tourism -Olympics, World Cup Rugby, Cricket, Soccer,
2. Active Sports Tourism –individuals actively participate or engage in sports related travel as a form of leisure
3. Nostalgia Sports Tourism –Travelers visiting sport related attractions

Sports Tourism Limited uses Digital Marketing techniques to promote these Sport Tourism events and activities.

2.    Sports Tourism Development

Tourism is the basis of economic and cultural development. It was after the mid twenties’ that started to grow progressively, becoming one of the major sectors in the world economy. 

Tourism does not only include game parks, historical sites, lakes and rivers, but also Sports Activities, Soccer, Athletics, Rugby, Volleyball, the daily life of the rural sporting people, as well as the cultural elements and traditions. It’s a hybrid concept that merges elements of two complex industries - Sports and Tourism, to open up new profitable markets for sports events and provide travel experiences. 

3. Sports Tourism as a Business

Sports Tourism is emerging as a key component of tourism supply. Major tourism destinations are developing tourism product concepts revolving around pleasure sports.

These concepts enable destinations to stand out amongst their competitors and increasing their competitive edge in the international arena, attracting consumers who are keen on getting in touch with nature, and interacting with the community to enjoy more healthy and interactive holidays.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

4. Sports Tourism Research & Development

1. Making known to people worldwide and nationwide an array of magnificent islands with breathtaking landscapes and wonderful terrains that are very conducive to sports, adventure and recreational activities. That they can:

             a)Learn diverse kinds of sports

             b)Play and experience sports for recreation and leisure

             c)Host high-level sports tournaments

             d)Organize friendly games

             e)Hold sports and adventure boot camps

             f)Conduct sports conference and other educational gatherings

             g)Advance sports professional and academic competencies

2. Persuading visitors to travel to a particular destination;

3. Stimulating visitation at particular times of the year;

4. Encouraging visitors to stay longer;

5. Facilitating repeat visitation;

6. Generating media coverage and promotional opportunities for a destination; and

7. Broadening perceptions of a destination.

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